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“The current healthcare system is intrinsically flawed because it has been designed to chase and treat diseases, rather than keep people healthy in the first place. Our vision is to change this approach by equipping individuals across all ages and societies with ways to protect their own health.”

Dr. William Li
President and Medical Director
The Angiogenesis Foundation


Thrival Healthcare System
Morning DiY Health Revolution Bonus Program + Prevention-Focused Healthcare

The Standard American Diet (SAD), which includes processed foods, meat and dairy, is the primary cause for most of the worst diseases for humans.

The Scalable and Portable Automated Closed Ecosystem (SPACE) House integrates all of the tools and guides needed to empower a free and healthy vegan lifestyle. There is already a large and growing body of evidence that proves that switching to a healthy vegan lifestyle can stop and even reverse some of our worst diseases, like heart diseases, strokes, most cancers, diabetes and many more. The SPACE House also includes easy access to an extensive and detailed self health and safety knowledgebase that is continuously updated with best practices by experts, globally.

Recommended: Vertical Gardens
- Part of the kitchen wall is a vertical garden for growing small herbs, medicinal plants and spices
- The external sunside wall is a 4-season vertical garden greenhouse for growing larger food and medicinal plants

Recommended: Thrival Network
- The Thrival Network has detailed vertical garden guides and several healthy food, medicinal plantes and food as medicine recipes with lots of videos and pictures
- The INSTEAD educational progam will help individuals to discover their top three sports and daily cardio/strength workouts to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Individuals lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. More researchers can focus their efforts on the remaining diseases and conditions, that have not been eliminated via a healthy vegan diet and regular exercise. Society saves by no longer having to maintain large healthcare infrastructures.

Experts Needed
Food as medicine
Medicinal plants
Daily cardio/strength workout
Useful plants database, like -

What We Have Already Achieved

"Project ENABLE™ (Enabling Network for Access to Best Levels of Evidence) is the Angiogenesis Foundation’s initiative to improve patients outcomes in disease treatment and prevention on a global level, by democratizing the transfer and use of expert medical knowledge. We use a system (SYSTEM ENABLE™) that connects patients, their advocates, and their physicians, with the world’s top medical experts, through a novel framework for managing evidence-based medical information. Within ENABLE™, health care stakeholders can interact with each other, united by the common goal of helping individual patients achieve the best outcomes. The system integrates information technology, medical informatics, collaborative software, social media, and a global network of healthcare professionals, patients, and their advocates. The cumulative evidence from scientific, clinical, and epidemiological studies and from expert opinions and experience is integrated into what we call a “MetaOpinion™”. This system, which powers the evidence-based content the website you are viewing, is universally accessible, allowing anyone with Internet access to participate from anywhere on the planet.
The Do iT Yourself Health Revolution will allow a holistic integration of high and low tech, futuristic and traditional, and the personal and the social. It allows users of mobile technology to access and contribute knowledge for decision making that impacts health, wellness, and prevention.
Eat to Beat Cancer is a global campaign to crush the cancer epidemic by getting people to eat foods that starve cancer. is a resource hub and a recruitment platform for the community to inspire, influence, and monitor dietary behavior change."


What We Still Need to Achieve

Morning Do It Yourself Health Revolution Bonus Programs
Food, Exercise, Rest and Positive Behavior As Medicine - provide bonuses and incentives to help this to become a morning routine for everyone, everywhere:
1.    Make daily morning half-hour cardio/strength workouts, a shower and then an organic, delicious and filling smoothie/thickie breakfast (large variety of healthy choices) free and rewarded at all workplaces
2.    Free, filling, quick, freshly-made, delicious, organic smoothies and thickies (large variety of healthy choices), available at all times, at the workplace, home, schools, daycares, etc.
3.    Provide easy access to a Food, Exercise, Rest and Positive Behavior As Medicine Database (supported by plenty of good scientific research) which prevents, treats and cures all known diseases and conditions – online, at home, grocery stores, workplaces, schools, etc.

This integration of the ENABLE System into our daily routines will empower our minds and bodies to thrive, thus reducing trips to see the doctor.

It would naturally follow that healthcare systems should also shift their focus to prevention. ​The current economics of healthcare, however, do not support this ideal: we pay doctors when we are sick and injured, not while we are healthy.  What if we reversed this reward system to: 'Pay doctors only while you are healthy, not when you are sick or injured'. This provides doctors, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and governments with ample motivation to restore your health as quickly, as inexpensively and as permanently as possible, thus prevention and cures.
What about last recourse, on-going drug treatments? This would mean reduced or no pay for the doctor, unless the cause was an accident or the fault lies with the patient:
•    Abusers of this system would have to pay monthly penalty fees for that service (ie. smokers)
•    Slackers, especially in the recommended nutrition and daily work-outs, would also have to pay monthly penalty fees for that service
This would also also includes eye and dental care.

Additional Helpful Links - How Not To Die  by Michael Greger, MD