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Thrival Healthcare System: Reward Prevention, Not Reaction

The Standard American Diet (SAD), which includes processed foods, meat and

dairy, is the primary cause for most of the worst diseases for humans.

Healthcare systems should shift their focus to prevention. ​The current economics

of healthcare, however, do not support this ideal: we pay doctors when we are sick

and injured, not while we are healthy.  What if we reversed this reward system to:

'Pay doctors only while you are healthy, not when you are sick or injured'. This

provides doctors, pharmaceutical companies (taking drugs to remain functional

does not equate health), researchers and governments with ample motivation to

restore your health as quickly, as inexpensively and as permanently as possible.

Thus prevention and cures becomes the rule, not the exception. This would also include eye and dental care, etc.

Graphene has many medical applications:

Anticancer agent, nerve circuit implants, dental implants, theratupic tools, prosthesis, water purification, DNA sequencing, biomarker, etc.

Graphene health guidelines for production:

1) Use individual graphene sheets that are small enough for immune cells to engulf and remove from the site where they were found in the body.
2) Use stable, individual graphene sheets which are easily dispersed in water to minimise their clumping and aggregation in the body.
3) Use graphene, or chemically modified graphene material, that can be easily cleared from or biodegraded in the body, to prevent damage from chronic accumulation into tissues.

The Automated Closed Ecosystem (ACE) House integrates all of the tools and guides needed to empower a free and healthy plant-based, whole foods lifestyle. There is already a large and growing body of evidence that proves that switching to this lifestyle can stop and even reverse some of our worst diseases, like heart diseases, strokes, most cancers, diabetes and many more: 
- The Thrival Network will have detailed vertical garden guides and several healthy food, medicinal plants and food as medicine recipes with plenty of videos and pictures
- The INSTEAD educational progam will help individuals to discover their top three sports and daily cardio/strength workouts to achieve and maintain optimum health.

- Part of the kitchen wall is a vertical garden for growing small herbs, medicinal plants and spices

Experts Needed
Food as medicine

Exercise is Medicine

Sports medicine
Medicinal plants
Daily cardio/strength workout
Useful plants database, like -

Additional Helpful Links - How Not To Die  by Michael Greger, MD