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Now, take moment and imagine if we combined the best features of the  European Space Agency's Spacehouse pictured right, with the SPACE house concept. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first thrival civilization. The need and demand for the solutions offered by the SPACE house will grow exponentially as the world becomes increasingly overpopulated. Thus I invite everyone, from individuals to mega corporations, to national governments and everyone in between, to design, build and distribute your very own SPACE Houses. All that I ask in return is that you make SPACE Houses as affordable as possible and send me your SPACE House success stories, spread the word about this idea and this website. Please help to make this concept a reality!

European Space Agency's Spacehouse concept

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Solving Global Pollution, Poverty and their Consequences

The SPACE House: The All-In-One Solution to Global Overpopulation, Pollution, Poverty and their Consequences

Voted Idea of the Year 2017 -

The Scalable, Portable, Automatable and Closable Ecosystem (SPACE) House concept - is a combination of:

All of this empowers a family to thrive, wherever they live.

Existing HE greenhouses, like those designed by Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, could easily be adapted to include wind turbines, solar windows, the above composting system and then added to a HE House. Add to this the fact that dog poop bags and other compostable plastics are coming out on the market. If companies could agree to make all product packaging (currently mostly paper and plastic) for everything we buy, use only 100% compostable materials which degrade completely in the modernized Jean Pain composting system, then this system could:

  • eliminate pollution
  • generate virtually limitless humus and fertilizer to regrow our forests and
  • generate virtually limitless eco-friendly energy for additional things like; the car(s), the boat(s), etc. for the same family.

We could mass produce SPACE Houses to reduce their construction costs, then give them away for free to all families: Why?  If every family on Earth used one , this could eliminate global poverty, global pollution, global climate change and their associated costs. How? We could apply those colossal savings, along with the revenues from carbon taxes, to pay for those free houses. In summary, they will: quickly pay for themselves, generate trillions in savings and guide us towards a prosperous and eco-responsible future:

The SPACE House is the smallest practical version of a self-sustaining, pollution-free living space that reliably regenerates all basic necessities; like a miniature version of a domed city or a space colony. As such, it could even be the foundation upon which to design far less expensive and less complex towns, cities, domed cities, orbital colonies and starships. This is because it does not require any municipal power grid, pollution mitigation systems, food generation systems, water works, nor sewage systems. The plug-and-play SPACE House provides all of these on its own. We can use the SPACE concept to colonize space in a safe and responsible way, thus humanely eliminating overpopulation and its consequences on Earth. Let's break it down:

The EON Greenhouse: An All-In-One Solution to Pollution, Poverty and their Consequences

The Ecosystem Of Necessities (EON) Greenhouse concept endlessly regenerates every single basic necessity required for humans to thrive, in eco-friendly ways; anywhere, anytime and in the smallest space possible. It uses Jean Pain's Composting system, updated with today's technology, to reliably regenerate all of the daily clean energy needed to heat and power itself, plus all of your house; given enough EON Greenhouse modules.

Any remaining power generation needed is easily produced with the greenhouse's integrated wind turbines, solar glass roof, etc. Any extra power that is generated can be stored in clean energy batteries and/or sold to the power grid.

The EON Greenhouse combines intensive gardening techniques with multi-use plants, to endlessly regenerate all of the: organic food, clean air and water, medicine, construction material, clothing, etc. needed per person; within 1,000 sq ft; cutting groceries, energy, etc. expenses by over half. Automated farming robots can be added to handle all of the planting, growing and harvesting chores. All compostable waste, including human waste, is recycled. EON Greenhouses can be stand-alone or attached to the roofs and/or sun-side walls of conventional homes. 

If there is a shortage of any one element, like energy for example, then another greenhouse module is simply added to achieve a general state of equilibrium. Developing hot-swapable, plug & play food and energy production modules, would add more precision to this state of equilibrium (and the ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances). A tree module can be replaced with a wind turbine module and vice versa. A solar panel module can be replaced with a garden planter module and vice versa. Both electrical and  irrigation lines can be strategically placed in, on and around the greenhouse to guarantee ample plants and energy. Any remaining excess energy or plant matter can be easily and safely re-absorbed into the ecosystem of the greenhouse. Using the ecosystem of aquaponics as an example, where waste from fish feed plants and the plants clean the water, what other combinations of micro factories can interact with one another to form a multi-sourced and resilient ecosystem that consistently regenerates a healthy and reliable source of human necessities?


  • Replacing or upgrading all buildings to EON standards, globally, eliminates: pollution, climate change, healthy food, air and water shortages, clean energy shortages, etc.
  • The billions of acres of farmer’s fields can be repurposed for multiple uses, like reforestation, the construction of eco-towns, etc.
  • A rapid-deployment, emergency-shelter version of the SPACE House can de designed to indefinitely sustain a family of four following a disaster. This is needed for the growing number of natural disasters due to climate change.
  • Closed Ecosystems (CEs), like underwater cities and space colonies, may soon be needed to alleviate overpopulation pressures on Earth. Designing and building CEs, around the SPACE House concept, becomes much less complicated and much less expensive, since they are plug and play, with no municipal power, water or sewage infrastructures needed. If we can master how to thrive in harmony with the very compact closed ecosystem of SPACE Houses, then thriving in harmony with Earth's much larger and natural closed ecosystem will become very easy.
  • The SPACE House eliminates as many preventable problems as possible and creates as many opportunities for responsible human expansion as possible.

The end goal is to develop portable, all-inclusive, and self-sufficient human habitats of all shapes and sizes where humans can responsibly thrive, here on Earth or, that we can pack up and bring with us to use off-planet. More...

The purpose of the Thrivability Solutions Network is to eliminate as many preventable problems as possible and create as many opportunities for responsible human expansion as possible, through the mastery of CEs.   Keeping the status quo, where preventable global poverty, pollution and their consequences are allowed to exist, only holds humanity back, hurts us.  Now that we have the capability to produce all products and services to be eco-friendly, in an eco-friendly way, at ever-decreasing costs; there are no longer any excusable reasons to allow pollution to exist. Now that we have the capability to feed, house and clothe everyone on the planet, at a fraction of current costs; there are no longer any excusable reasons to allow famine and poverty to exist. Creating a thrival civilization, will not only teach us how to heal our ecosystem and our civilization's worst problems, but will also provide us with the insights, tools and techniques needed for mastering the construction of CEs and Terraforming: Technologies that are necessary to open up the vast riches of space to humanity.

Humans, like the rest of the natural world, don't want to merely survive or be sustained, we need to grow, to flourish, to thrive! We can build a civilization designed to ensure that our planet and our species will thrive together well into a future free of pollution and poverty.

"Fundamentally thrivability is visionary - it is about co-evolving a future we want rather than avoiding a future that terrifies us. It is about acting with enthusiasm toward an opportunity rather than away from catastrophe. It is about becoming a good ancestor."