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​​​​​​​​Welcome! ​The purpose of this network is to find proven technologies and techniques to combine eco-friendly houses, greenhouses and automation so that a family can symbiotically and reliably self-produce all necessities for them to thrive responsibly. Automation is needed in a closed ecosystem house; as the self-production of all necessities is too labour-intensive. It would leave the family little time to do anything else. Once mastered, it would become the new standard for low-income housing for the poorest of the poor. This new definition of ultimate poverty would be a middle-class, eco-responsible lifestyle. All other houses would be mandated to exceed this standard. Mass-produced globally, this easy access to Guaranteed healthy and eco-responsible Basic Necessities (GBNs) will significantly reduce the worst forms of scarcity-based: Stress, illness, poverty, pollution, crimes, wars, etc.  The humongous amounts of time, energy and resources formerly allocated to fighting these preventable problems could then be refocused on solving the remaining issues and exploring new opportunities. GBN self-production takes a lot of greenhouse square-footage and a little help:



                                                                                        +                                                 +         +




Greenhouse Roof                                                                      Greenhouse extension                                      Agile assistants ​​

Automated Closed Ecosystem (ACE) House: Waste to Guaranteed Basic Necessities (GBNs) Cycle

Transparent, Photovoltaic Graphene Greenhouse

Waste to Compost, Clean Energy and Flash Graphene Reactor

Graphene + Composites 3-D Printer

Soil, hydroponics, aeroponics
Plant food
Sun, LED grow lights, ventilation, automation


Food, Garden and Human/Pet waste

Recycling and Trash: Paper, plastic, rubber

Flash graphene
Graphene composite compatible, plant-based materials

Clean Air
Graphene composite compatible,

plant-based materials

Multi-use plants

Heat energy
Clean hydrogen
Plant food (humus & fertiliser)

Flash graphene

Pure graphene, aerographene, graphene foam, etc.
Graphene composites
Graphene-enhanced materials for all economic sectors
Graphene Composite
Clothing Materials
Clean Energy Production and Storage Materials
Energy Plus Construction Materials
Automation Materials
Water Filtration Materials



The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the world into lockdowns, where only essential workers remained employed. This necessitated the adoption of various flavors of Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) for non-essential workers, globally. The leaders and citizens of many of these countries quickly realised that their minimum wages and social assistance programs, before the GBI, were far from sufficient for the purchase of basic necessities. As vaccinations increased, restrictions were eased and GBIs were removed; many citizens were understandably resistant to return to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. This was called the
Great Resignation or the Big Quit. Not forgotten for long, the Climate Crisis has also reclaimed the stage with the UN Climate Change Conference COP26.


The ACE House provides security for all necessities and against this and future pandemics. Imagine replacing costly Band-Aid solutions like welfare cheques and Guaranteed Basic Income with automatically, self-produced Guaranteed Basic Necessities (GBNs). All family waste can now be completely transformed into: clean energy, soil for the plant-based necessities and flash graphene. Graphene is a miracle material that used to be expensive to produce. The recently discovered flash process makes its prime quality production fast and inexpensive. It can be produced from any material containing carbon, which includes most of our daily household compost, garbage and recycling production. The ACE House is an ideal backbone for a  
circular economy that guarantees basic necessities for everyone. This is the best direction for The Great Reset of the global economy, which currently treats everything as optional, even necessities. People, regardless of their economic situation, anywhere, should no longer have to face this choice: Do I pay rent or buy food? The ACE House is currently a mix of proven technologies and techniques which only need to be combined in a new way:​ 

Automation & Mass Production       Energy & Sanitation       Food       Air & Water       Shelter       Clothing       Health       Education & Safety       Transportation


Mission: Desired Future History

The purpose of the Thrivability Solutions Network is to create and perfect a single, scalable solution which solves Humanity's worst problems, including all seventeen of the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, for one family, the basic unit of any society. Then we can fully automate its mass production so that every family can have easy access to this universal solution, globally:

  1. No Poverty: Guaranteed Basic Necessities empower family members to reliably thrive; individually and collectively.
  2. Zero Hunger: A primarily plant-based diet has been proven to be the best fuel for the human body's health and well-being.
  3. Good Health and Well-Being: In addition to the plant-based diet, the included, free membership to the INSTEAD Academy (described below) facilitates personalized, strengths-based: exercises + sports + career paths.
  4. Quality Education: ACE House families get free membership to the Individual Natural Strengths & Talents Exploration, Application and Development - the INSTEAD Academy helps individuals to find their passions, leading to purposeful and fulfilling lives.
  5. Gender Equality: Equal access to thrival necessities provided to all genders.
  6. Clean Water & Sanitation: Algae + ISS water recycler + aerographene filter for clean water. Plant-based antibacterial soaps and detergents for sanitation.
  7. Affordable & Clean Energy: Abundant heat and clean hydrogen extracted from the family’s daily waste production. Transparent photovoltaic graphene can cover the entire house and its greenhouses to supply any additional clean energy needs.
  8. Decent Work & Economic Growth: Since all necessities are reliably self-produced by the ACE houses, the economy becomes luxuries-only; thus, a middle-class lifestyle for poorest. Rapidly reusable rockets are being developed by SpaceX and Blue Origin. They will make the cost of getting people, products and services into space very affordable and very popular, very soon. A shift to a space colonisation (closed ecosystem) economy guarantees economic growth forever. ACEs will play a significant part in this, so better to master them early.
  9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure: Since the Global Goals will be solved, we can focus on remaining global problems, while opening ourselves to the challenges and opportunities of space colonisation and exploration.
  10. Reduced Inequalities: The only product and service inequalities that will remain will be for luxuries.
  11. Sustainable Cities & Communities: The Houses’ integrated municipal infrastructures and zero pollution make city upgrading and construction easier, cheaper and eco-friendly.
  12. Responsible Consumption & Production: Adopting the ACE Housing Standard globally and universally for all structures.
  13. Climate Action: Each house eliminates most forms of the worst pollution, including the transportation sector. A rapid-deployment, emergency-shelter version of the ACE House can be designed to indefinitely sustain a family of four following a disaster. This is needed for the growing number of natural disasters due to climate change.
  14. Life Below Water: Switching humanity to a primarily plant-based diet and the ACE Housing Standard is welcome news for life below water.
  15. Life on Land: Mass emigration to space colonies means that massive tracts of former city land and farmland can be reforested.
  16. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions: Guaranteed Basic Necessities will significantly reduce scarcity-based acts of desperation, crime, war, etc.
  17. Partnership for the Goals: Let’s join together to make the ACE Housing Standard a reality!



We need permanent, forever solutions, now. We need to start adapting the lifecycles for all of our current products, policies and practices to meet closed ecosystem standards, right now, for a bright future. Mandating that all packaging material has to be 100% compostable would be a good start. The early mastery of small, mobile, closed ecosystems will greatly simplify the design of eco-friendly houses, towns, cities, countries, space colonies, etc.:


​Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, plans to colonize Mars. Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, plans to colonize space with O’Neill Cylinders. Perhaps both could collaborate to combine their dreams into stages of a plan: Build the O’Neill Cylinders first into a Dyson Swarm, to save Humanity and Earth, in the short term. Then, gravity control research could be emphasized to make permanent colonization of Mars, the Moon and other planets, safe.

"Fundamentally thrivability is visionary - it is about co-evolving a future we want rather than avoiding a future that terrifies us. It is about acting with enthusiasm toward an opportunity rather than away from catastrophe. It is about becoming a good ancestor."