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Facilitating Self-Sufficiency through Innovative Automation

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​Welcome to the future of self-sufficiency, where advanced technologies converge to automate the production of essential necessities for families. Our vision is to create an Automated Ecosystem of Necessities (AEON) Homestead, transforming the way households operate and thrive.

Visionary Automation
Imagine a world where highly dexterous robots, inspired by the agility of the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot, equipped with 3D-printed, lightweight, and robust Flash Graphene hands, seamlessly handle household tasks. From garden harvesting and house cleaning to laundry and minor repairs, these robots become the backbone of a fully-automated lifestyle.

Production of Plant-Based Necessities
Our approach involves creating a collaborative ecosystem of specialized robots. Farmer robots take care of planting, watering, and weeding, while food and medicine robots clean, cut, and prepare organic, plant-based meals and medicines using proven recipes. The
FarmBot web app simplifies the planning process, allowing users to design their farms with ease. It includes useful details about each plant, provided by OpenFarm.

Adjusting the automation level for each system is at your fingertips, ensuring flexibility. The bots can also be switched to teacher mode, guiding humans step-by-step in self-producing necessities manually when desired.

Technological Advancements
The incorporation of
Flash Graphene in industrial automation applications brings forth small, accurate sensors, reliable batteries, supercapacitors, energy harvesting enhancements, and seamless wireless communications. This technological synergy propels us toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

Fully-Automated Mass Production
Engineers are actively working on adapting
3D construction printers to mass-produce Flash Graphene components. This advancement enables us to make the EON Homestead and its robotic counterparts more accessible by significantly reducing costs and production time.

Considerate Implementation
As we embark on this journey, we acknowledge the societal, ethical, and environmental implications. A comprehensive education and transition plan will address the adaptation to a highly automated lifestyle, ensuring health, safety and inclusivity for all. We are committed to environmental responsibility, safeguarding against cybersecurity threats, and complying with regulatory standards.

Embrace the Future

Step into a future where innovative automation reshapes the way we live. Discover the possibilities that advanced technology brings, empowering and enhancing our lives without compromising our values.