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Robots to Help With House Chores and to Mass Produce the ACE Houses



Automation is needed in a closed ecosystem house; as the self-production of all necessities is too labour-intensive. It would leave the family little time to do anything else.

General duties
Imagine adding the very
dextrous hands to the incredibly agile Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics (recently acquired by Hyundai), all 3-d printed with incredibly inexpensive, light weight and super strong flash graphene. Click on the links above to see the videos. Robots could then do garden harvesting, house cleaning, laundry, dishes, minor repairs, etc. 

Production of plant-based necessities

Engineers and other relevant specialists need to create an ecosystem of robots which collaborate to complete all household chores. Farmer robots can do all of the planting, watering, weeding. Food and medicine robots that can clean plant-based food, cut it to desired proportions and prepare organic, whole foods, plant-based meals and medicines using proven recipes. The FarmBot web app allows you to "Graphically design your farm by dragging and dropping plants into the map. The game-like interface is learned in just a few minutes so you’ll have the whole growing season planned in no time." It includes useful details about each plant, provided by OpenFarm

The level of automation for each system can be adjusted or completely disabled. The bots and systems can also be switched to teacher mode, so they can teach humans any basic skills to manually self-produce any necessity, step-by-step.

Graphene for Industrial Automation Applications

​Very small and highly accurate sensors, reliable and long-lasting batteries and supercapacitors, enhancements to energy harvesting devices, wireless communications, etc.

Fully-Automated Mass Production (Fully-AMP)

Engineers and other relevant specialists need to adapt/develop 3D construction printers to print inexpensive Flash Graphene;
to print all, or most, of the components of the ACE House and the robots, quickly and inexpensively.