​​​​​​ACE Food: Automating a Variety of Intensive Gardening Techniques

Phytoplankton (microalgae) are the main producers of clean air on Earth. They are also nutritionally complete, containing all essential nutrients for ocean life forms, humans, etc. in bioavailable form. They are important sources many types of medicines. They have important uses as biofertiliser and feedstock for the flash graphene process, Finally, they are easy and inexpensive to grow.

Automated farming robots (light weight, ceiling-suspended) made from transparent and super strong graphene, could handle all of the planting, growing and harvesting chores. This will greatly reduce the total size of the greenhouse, since footpaths between plants would be unnecessary.​ Intensive gardening methods like BioIntensive, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc. are used to grow different types of nutrient-dense plants, so as to abundantly feed a family, with nutritionally complete meals, in the smallest space possible. Nutritional yeast can be grown to produce abundant vitamin B12 and other hard-to-find nutrients in plant-based foods.

Clean Meat systems could be included and tailored to keep all of the nutrition and flavor, but none of the carcinogens and other bad elements; thus eliminating slaughterhouses and their moral and ethical baggage.

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