Humans use an average of 100 liters of water for Domestic Consumption (Drinking, sanitation, and hygiene needs) + an average 100 liters for Food Production / per person / per day. The US water recycler on the International Space Station can recycle about 93 percent of the liquids it receives, including grey water, urine and sweat. Different varieties of algae are used to effectively treat wastewater. Hopefully there exists algae species that can effectively treat the remaining 7 percent not handled by the US Water Recycler. Depending on how fast the total water recycling is, not much more than 400 liters (80 gallons) / per person / per year

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(equal amount in an isolated tank for abundance/emergencies) would be needed. Hopefully, the types of algae which purify water are also suitable for food, fuel and/or air production.  I'm sure that a self-cleaning swimming pool and jacuzzi could be conjured up for fitness and leisure activities!


Drinking, sanitation, and hygiene needs (Domestic consumption) constitute the basic human survival needs for water. These minimum needs total about 50 liters (13.2 gallons) per person per day. In comparison, the average American uses well over ten times that amount. Fifty liters per person per day maintains a person's water balance and provides benefits vital for human health. In 2000, it was reported that 55 countries, with a combined population of over 1 billion, average below this basic level.

The average American uses 137 liters for Domestic Consumption, Plus 92% more for food production =

The US water recycler on the ISS can recycle about 93 percent of the liquids it receives, including grey water, urine and sweat
= detailed explanation of how the water on the ISS is recycled
= shows a picture of NASA's Water Recovery System (the size of 2 large refridgerators)

Algae to purify wastewater


Two cubic meters of algae produce ample air for one man. The air produced by the rest of the AEON Greenhouse will guarantee abundant air for everyone.


"Scientists at the institute have developed a system that sees 1.5 cubic meters of algae produce enough oxygen for a man, weighing 70 kilograms, to survive in an enclosed space for one day."

Algae as Air Source

Other air-producing plants