Space Settlement and Exploration All-In-One Solution: AEON Homestead

In lieu of constructing intricate and costly centralized infrastructures for megastructures like Stanford Torus space settlements, we propose reimagining
bola and beaded space habitats. The vision is to create a modular, automated Bioregenerative Life Support System (BLSS or BLiSS), that encompasses clean energy production. The "bead" houses a self-sustaining family farm, capable of being transported and adapted for use in different settings on Earth or in space. This Automated Ecosystem of Necessities (AEON) Homestead merges cutting-edge farming automation, disaster-proofing, aerospace technologies, and waste-to-energy and material converters. A dream home that facilitates thriving eco-responsibly for the family, anywhere!

Solution Overview

1, Waste to Energy Advancements:

  • Utilize existing Waste to Energy systems, calibrated to economically mass-produce Flash Graphene and Clean Hydrogen for eco-friendly and profitable applications across all economic sectors.
  • This flash graphene process converts trash into defect-free graphene, and significant amounts of eco-friendly hydrogen.

2. Perfect AEON Homestead Standard on Earth to Address the
UN's Global Goals - Anywhere:

  • Develop and perfect the AEON Homestead Standard on Earth's surface, ensuring safety and efficacy.
  • No Poverty: Elevate everyone to at least a middle-class quality of life.
  • Zero Hunger: Abundantly produce nutritious food in the greenhouse.
  • Good Health and Well-Being: Promote a plant-based diet and regular exercise.
  • No Pandemics: Self-isolation becomes quick and easy for everyone, efficiently stopping the disease before it can spread.
  • Personalized Education: Empower individuals to find purposeful and fulfilling lives through our Individual Natural Strengths & Talents Exploration, Application & Development (INSTEAD) educational programme.
  • Clean Water and Sanitation: Employ advanced technologies for water purification.
  • Affordable and Clean Energy: Flash Graphene creates a strong foundation for both a Circular Economy and a Hydrogen Economy.

3. Versatile Applications:

  • Function as a normal homestead on a planetary surface.
  • Serve as safe space shuttles, thriving in case of marooning on an alien world.
  • Deploy in space, interconnecting to form a rotating ring space station, producing artificial gravity. The rings also interconnect to form O’Neill Cylinders.
  • ​An ideal customizable gift for first contact with an alien species, helping them to solve their own Global Goals.

Space Colonization and Megastructures

1. Dyson Swarm - A Vision for Billions:

  • All buildings on the inner surface of the Cylinder meet AEON Homestead Standards.
  • These standards ensure a reliable supply of necessities and zero pollution, reducing scarcity-based issues globally.
  • Dyson Swarm, comprising hundreds of thousands of cylinders, offers a safe living space for billions, allowing Earth to heal.

2. Adapting to Lower-Gravity Planets:
Modify the rotating cylinder concept to create artificial gravity on lower-gravity planets using swing carousel physics.

Anchor one end of an adapted O'Neill Cylinder to the surface of the planet. This rotating tower will create Earth-normal gravity.

Comparison with Existing Solutions

European Space Agency’s Melissa:

  • AEON Homestead produces a broader range of essentials.

University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2:

  • AEON Homestead leverages Biosphere 2's lessons into a compact, cost-effective and eco-friendly design suitable for mass deployment.

University of Guelph’s CESRF:

  • CESRF's expertise complements AEON Homestead, helping configure and calibrate the greenhouse.

NASA’s Environmental Control and Life Support Systems:

  • The technologies from NASA’s ALS integrate seamlessly into the AEON Homestead, forming a redundant life support system.


The AEON Homestead represents a transformative approach to space settlement and exploration, offering not just a dwelling but an entire sustainable ecosystem. This vision encompasses the dreams of space exploration, colonization, and the co-evolution of a future where prosperity is universal. Through ingenious engineering, renewable resources, and interconnected habitats, we aim to propel humanity towards a thriving existence—both on Earth and among the stars.

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