Thrivability Torus Modules: An All-In-One Solution to Global Problems

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​Shipping Container                                                    Inflatable                                                               ACE Housing Standard

​The Thrivability Torus Module (TTM) is an inflatable, multi-purpose, flash graphene-based, space colony module:

  • equivalent living space of a 10 000 square-foot house
  • is a modified version of the ACE House. 

These ACE-certified modules will interconnect to form a rotating ring version of a space station. 

                                                              Thrivability Torus Module (sample configuration)

                                                Living Quarters                 Ecosystem of Necessities Greenhouse

                                                2000 sq ft                           8000 sq ft

  • Two miles in diameter
  • Several of these rings can interconnect to make a cylinder, like a package of Lifesavers candies. 
  • The ends of the cylinder are capped and sealed. The hollow interior is then pressurized and terraformed. 
  • This type of space colony is called an O’Neill Cylinder.

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Thrivability Torus                                         Interconnected into a Cylinder                           O`Neill Cylinder

All buildings on the terraformed, inner surface must meet the ACE housing standards. These standards guarantee a reliable supply of basic necessities and zero pollution,  These guarantees significantly reduce the worst forms of scarcity-based: Stress, illness, poverty, pollution, crimes, wars, etc. Hundreds of thousands of these cylinders, known as a Dyson Swarm, will allow billions of people to safely live, work and play in space. After a large portion of humanity and all heavy industry move to space, the Earth will be able to heal.

The flash graphene-based TTMs are inexpensively made from garbage:

  • 200 times stronger than steel 
  • lighter than air
  • excellent electrical and heat conductor
  • flash process also generates significant amounts of hydrogen

Carbon Source + Electric jolt to 3000 degrees Celsius = Flash Graphene

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