Automated ​Ecosystem of Necessities

(AEON) Homestead: A Self-Sufficient Haven

for Year-Round Thriving


Embark on a transformative journey with us to co-create the AEON

Homestead, a revolutionary dwelling designed to autonomously generate

essential resources for families, ensuring self-sufficiency throughout the

year. The AEON Homestead integrates advanced technologies to harness

waste, 3D printing, modular construction, and automation, redefining sustainable living.

1. Waste to Clean Energy and Turbostatic Graphene Factory:

Combine the cost-effective Flash Graphene production process with plasma arc gasification waste treatment plants to create a waste-to-energy and Turbostatic Graphene factory. This process, utilizing landfill trash such as compost, paper, plastics, and rubbers, not only produces Flash Graphene but also generates significant amounts of hydrogen. Adaptation of existing technologies can enable mass production, with a miniaturized version incorporated into the AEON Homestead for household waste conversion.

2. Graphene and Composites 3D Printers:

Adapt and develop 3D construction printers to utilize Flash Graphene, enabling quick and affordable printing of AEON Homestead components. This advancement ensures efficiency and sustainability in construction, aligning with the principles of the project.

3. Modular Living Quarters:

Design modular living quarters with a focus on disaster-proof, space-efficient, and ecologically friendly features. Taking inspiration from innovative designs like the SpaceHouse from the ESA and utilizing modular structures, the AEON Homestead provides flexibility for future updates and upgrades.

4. Modular Greenhouses:

Integrate plant-based graphene aerogel into the construction of transparent, durable, lightweight, conductive, and portable modular greenhouses. These structures, adaptable to various climates, serve dual purposes and can function as rooftops for family homes, harnessing the strength and insulating properties of aerographene.

5. Automation of Farming, Cleaning, and Maintenance:

Implement advanced automation technologies to streamline farming, cleaning, and maintenance processes within the house and greenhouse. This ensures efficiency and reduces the manual workload, promoting a hassle-free living environment.

6. Fully-Automate Mass Production:

Develop a fully-automated system for the mass production of AEON Homesteads to minimize costs for consumers. Automation not only ensures affordability but also accelerates the widespread adoption of sustainable living practices.

Graphene for Construction:

Leverage graphene additives for construction materials to enhance strength, flexibility, and durability. The incorporation of graphene in cement facilitates the creation of super-thin, lightweight, and highly efficient thermal insulation, solar panels, protective coatings, and more.


The AEON Homestead emerges as a groundbreaking initiative to redefine sustainable living. By integrating waste-to-energy, 3D printing, modular construction, and automation, this project aims to create self-sufficient dwellings that not only meet the needs of families but also contribute to a cleaner, greener future. Join us in co-creating a paradigm shift in housing and resource management.

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