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Phones and computers can be too expensive for many people.

The Sealable and Portable Artificial Closed Ecosystem (SPACE) House includes free communication devices.

Recommended: Basic computer and phablet
A free mobile VoIP phablet phone and a free Raspberry Pi 3 or similar computer that uses the included and free 22" OLED TV/monitor.
How can these be free? - fully automated mass production.

Recommended: Virtual Reality system
A VR system would be a significant tool for education, communication, work and entertainment.

People will be able to communicate and interact with others at a distance, thus providing a strong social support system.

Experts Needed
Raspberry Pi and other inexpensive computer systems

What We Still Need to Achieve

Upgrade to ACE Certification levels:

Production - Most phablet factories already primarily use electricity, so it should not be hard to adapt whatever does not; to use clean electricity, hydrogen or biogas. Supply chains must also be ACE-certified. Delivery - All big auto makers are promising Zero-emission vehicles by 2020. Operation - All phablets already only use electricity. Disposal - Phablet producers are aggressively developing 100% recyclable phablets - they wll get there soon.

Fully-Automate the Mass Production of ACE-Certified Phablets:
Several entrepreneurs already run their businesses entirely off their cell phones. Fix above glitches and then fully-automate their mass production, to provide extreme affordability. Fully-automated factories require little or no human intervention to operate 24 hours a day, with fewer production errors and no salaries or benefits to pay. Mass production allows you to reap the savings of the economies of scale without sacrificing quality. These significant savings are passed on to consumers. The low costs of the products can be distributed so that healthy quantities, for each person, becomes absolutely free and unhealthy quantities become prohibitively expensive. Public and private sector grants/subsidies assist in filling any financial gaps; thus minimizing conflicts due misunderstandings, problems due lack of timely communication, mistakes due to lack of information, etc.

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Fully-AMP of phablet factories, that can easily meet the strict ACE Certified standards, may not be so far off:
“Samsung produces millions of devices nowadays despite their 
production costs being smaller and smaller. This makes a really curious 
case. Samsung is trying to increase automation in its manufacturing 
processes and launched the ‘Gumi Project’ which is one of the best 
projects of the company. So, Samsung is trying to create devices using 
only robots and machines. Human involvement will be smaller day by 

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